Fox Sports Live Jousting Tournament at St. Ives Medieval Fair in Australia

Video from The Tournament of the Phoenix 2015

I’m currently at Heathrow Airport awaiting my final flight back home. I will post some more content about this tournament shortly. Until then I have posted some GoPro video on YouTube

Jousting in Moscow

In December 2014 I was invited to take part in the Tournament of St. George in Moscow in May this year. Having been to a similar tournament in Moscow as a squire in 2013, and having to turn a similar offer down in the summer of 2014, I was really excited to be given the chance to go back and this time with the equipment to joust, do the melee and fight with pollaxe. At the same time going to Russia to fight was a bit scary. The Russians are known to be fierce fighters and I was expecting a sort of don’t-worry-mentality about safety, armour and horses but I thought that “well, I have strong armour, a big shield and a good saddle. It will be alright”.