About Ivar

coat of armsExperientia docet

Experience is the best teacher

  • ivarHeight:  190 cm
  • Weight: 86 Kg
  • Year of birth: 1986

Ivar was born in Bærum, Norway and was inspired by the medieval times in his early childhood through stories and movies. He started competing in olympic fencing at the age of 9. In 2006 he began training with medieval swords and armour and after a year of fighting on foot Ivar started riding at the riders school of Trollspeilet with the ambition of becoming a mounted knight. He broke his first lance in 2008 and has later taken part in tournaments in seven different countries around the world. In 2016 he won the gold with Team Norway in the prestigious Arundel International Jousting Tournament in England.

Ivar has competed with both balsa tip lances and historical solids.

If you are going to beat up somebody with a club, do it with style

For Ivar it is the feeling of receiving a hit as well as striking one that makes jousting such an awesome experience. In the melee the skill of riding is still the most important over just dealing out blows.

The Horse


  • Name: Laszlo
  • Year of birth: 1998
  • Race: Holsteiner
  • Gender: Gelding

Laszlo used to do show jumping but was diagnosed with calcification in his hind legs and was given to Trollspeilet for training. Ivar bought Laszlo in 2010 with the intention of using him for knightly combat tournaments and reenactments. Laszlo has competed in many of the shows and tournaments that Ivar has competed in since the spring of 2011. He is a tall horse with his withers standing 17.2 Hands / 175 cm from the ground providing Ivar with the advantage of the upper hand against most opponents.

The Armour

ArmourIvar’s current armour is based on the Milanese style from the early 15th century. It was constructed in mild steel by the Crimean armourer Roman Tereschenko from 2011 to 2012. It has since been upgraded with tempered steel pouldrons, tacsets and a great bacinet for solid lance jousting. Fully assembled the suit consists of 213 pieces of metal, not counting the individual chainmail rings, and weighs about 45 Kg. / 100 lbs.